The Sail4In 2nd newsletter: the Policy Recommendations are now available!

Inclusion in sports and recreational activities is a fundamental principle of our society, embodying the values of diversity, equity, and social integration. With its unique blend of skill, teamwork, and connection to nature, Sailing represents an exciting avenue for including individuals with intellectual disabilities. As coaches, yacht club managers, boat owners, and sailing program leaders, we have a vital role in ensuring that sailing is accessible to all, regardless of their abilities. This document outlines the vision of the SAIL4IN project consortium for inclusive sailing and the actions and policies required to turn this vision into reality.

As we assess the current landscape of sailing and inclusion, it is essential to acknowledge the achievements and progress made in the realm of Paralympic sailing. Paralympic sailing has evolved into a well-established discipline,
providing opportunities for individuals with various physical disabilities to compete at the highest levels. This success is a testament to the power of inclusive sporting practices and demonstrates that barriers can be overcome with
the right policies and support.

However, it is equally crucial to recognize that, despite these advancements, individuals with intellectual disabilities continue to face significant barriers when it comes to participating in sailing activities. While Paralympic sailing has
paved the way for individuals with physical disabilities to excel in the sport, society has not extended the same opportunities and support to those with intellectual disabilities.


Our policy recommendations are informed by scientific literature and practical observations during the SAIL4IN piloting events. The SAIL4IN Piloting Report provides a detailed description of the events carried in Italy, Croatia and
Bulgaria. Throughout these events, we had the opportunity to witness and validate firsthand the numerous benefits that individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) can gain from practical sailing experiences. These benefits align closely with the findings documented in the scientific literature. Key observations include improved physical well-being, enhanced mental health, strengthened social integration, skill development, and heightened community engagement. These
experiences underscore the transformative potential of sailing as an inclusive activity, making it all the more imperative to ensure widespread access and participation.



We have just published The Sail4In Policy Recommendations! Download the document by clicking on the link below!

Sail4In Policy Recommendations

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Policy Recommendations_Sail4IN_HR

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